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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Presenting Powerful new Office 365 techniques for business users in Melbourne

Making you world pop at Lightning Speed with SharePoint and Office - yet another exciting MBUG >> CloudBug presentation

Making your Intranet POP with Design and Stakeholder Engagement

By Katrina Rose – Head of Digital EBOS

When EBOS wanted to improve employee engagement and provide new efficient business processes they embarked on developing a new Intranet with SharePoint 2013. This session will include a live demonstration of the intranet solution and key learnings for building an intranet using agile and digital skills.

Develop at Lightning Speed with Modern Apps, Featuring SwaySienna, PowerBI and Office MIX  

By Shailen Sukul, Ed Richard and Rita Arrigo

Office now has so many new ways of creating content. This session will show you what non-technical users can achieve with these new tools:

Project Siena – breakthrough technology that enables your business experts, analysts, and imagineers to create transformative business apps.

SWAY – the new mobile friendly intelligent app that helps you easily pull together, format, and present your content on an interactive way.

Office Mix to turns your PowerPoints into interactive online lessons or presentations.

Power BI a new tool for Visualising data for business users. This demo will show an in context evaluation of a marketing campaign.

Looking forward to the new CloudBug starting at 11.30 24 March 2015 with a networking lunch ( at Microsoft Australia, 4 Freshwater Place, Southbank)
Join the Meetup here

This event is sponsored by SMS Management & Technology.

Friday, January 23, 2015

New Document Library enhancement in Office 365

For many years I've been frustrated by the fact that on a Document library on SharePoint or Office 365 there was only a New.... Word document option and you had to create content types etc. for other types like Excel, PowerPoint etc.

I just created a brand new Document library in one of my site and low and behold the below new dialog pops up. have no clue how long that's been there and now I am seriously wondering how to enable that behavior  in existing Document Libraries ;-) think some migration will be needed.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Right Tool For The Job

The Right Tool For The Job

TRTFTJ - Launching a new Acronym today
Productivity - a buzz word on every Office Worker's mind these days.
I'm in the thick of it - people working in offices, warehouses and the likes, all stressed about 'getting the job done'. Picking the right tool, and making the most of collaborative environments and attitude - yes attitude! is an important step towards better Productivity. And keep the goal in mind; It's about the best outcome for the Business, not the individual!
There's so much we can do right now, don't wait for the all fixing magic bullet, take action right now.
I'll start posting examples of TRT - The Right Tool - from now on, on this blog as I'm convinced business who embrace collaboration and innovative tools - challenge the status quo - will be the businesses making money and thriving in the connected world we live in.
Most of these examples will be based on real life observations - but I'll try to protect the innocent - if you do recognize yourself don't feel bad, feel privileged by the opportunity to contribute and inspire improvement and productivity!
The topic of today - FILES
I witnessed an email conversation yesterday - a topic for another post, our stubborn reliance on this ancient, inefficient way of communicating - here's this developer that realised a team member would need a source file. In this example a JavaScript file (.js) and he decided to attach it to an email and send it - a noble thought. Sadly Outlook blocks certain file types, .js being one of them and so the recipient mailed back that he cold not save the file, and requested the sender to go and rename the file and re-send it....  Now that you read it and think about it, you can probably see how much time was wasted and a number of ways this could have been avoided.
First of all what's the file doing in a local place?, that requires copying and mailing. And why use email?, don't we have Lync, Twitter, Yammer as examples of much better ways to 'share' the information. It's very likely you know that someone else in the team will face the same issue and might need the same file - or use it as a basis for solving his problem. Using a more open, social platform allows that transparency between team members and creates an automatic history of what problem was resolved, and how. Very valuable information that will certainly save someone else time in the future. I'm sure you can think of many examples just like this.
The same is true for many business documents, as soon as they are sent out via email, they are by definition stale, how many times have you sent out 'updates' , reviews, and had to consolidate changes to a "master" version? And still do?
The obvious solution is to create a central place, in this day and age clearly in "The Cloud" where the life of a file starts and ends - and stakeholders can collaborate, manage alerts and access the information from anywhere, on any device. Add to that the powerful capabilities to search and do things like version management and set permissions and you wonder "Why don't we do that for all our files?" Don't be inert and start the transformation process right now!
Office 365 file sharing is a great way to get started and "The Right Tool For The Job" for the above scenario or even OneDrive for Business is a great way to be more productive.
One closing thought, the above tools work great inside your business boundaries, but also provide easy options to work with external parties - so no excuses - no more sharing PDF's over email. you can have real collaboration, with added enterprise security at a very low cost of entry.
If you want to know more, feel free to contact Hedgehog Technology for guidance and advice on becoming more Agile, more Productive and "Getting The Job Done".
"Work the way the Cloud works - A-Synchronously "

Office 365 tip of the day - read all about Check-in and Check-out

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Developer nuggets for Office 365

If Office 365 is your platform ; SharePoint workflows, Lightswitch and AngularJS should be your friends.

Michael Washington ( @ADefWebserver ) has recently posted  some valuable posts around these tools that may get you thinking about how to best apply them to your business problems.

Have a browse here !

Friday, December 19, 2014

Overcome Logistics Management Stress

It's that time of year, going at a million miles per hour, out of control logistics processes. If you, again are suffering this year, it is time to make a move for the better. Hedgehog Logistics Solutions can help by applying process improvement, modern touch enabled devices and applications and Microsoft cloud hosted solution for Transport and Warehouse management hosted in Microsoft Office 365.

Take control now, and make 2015 a better year for yourself, contact us! see the video for details or browse to http://www.hedgehoglogistics.com.au

Monday, December 08, 2014

Getting started on Office 365? start from the start...

Office 365, make the bold move, stop trying to do what you've always done in the same ways and expecting a different outcome.

It's about doing things in a new way, a better way, a more productive way - and obviously all in the cloud. So if you can do things right in the browser, from any device, that should be your initial, preferred way. yes, desktop app, rich clients apps you will need, but only for more complex tasks. So explore the power of the cloud model from the browser.

Have a look at some of these, re-vamped getting started page to get your head around working with email, calendars, tasks and documents on Office 365 in the Web Apps.

Setting things up correctly

Outlook from the browser  

Document management and sites

Questions? Leave a comment, I'm, keen to find out what else you are looking for in terms of getting started and point you in the right direction.